Fiscal Transparency and the Generations Project:

Generations is a great project and clearly will bring significant benefit to the Native American Community.  However, the School Board is split on who should pay and how much. Once again only Bobbie Regan and Tom Koehler are proposing a reconsideration of the District’s investment and a more transparent accounting of costs. The Board majority, in this case shy one vote, appears to want to rush this through with limited fiscal transparency.  As I said, it’s a great project and one that deserves community support, but with that support strengthened by good stewardship of public funds.  Something the current board majority is loathe to take responsibility for.

About Those Audits…

The current PPS School Board majority, lead by Pam Knowles just keeps digging the hole deeper.  Greg Belisle, Ruth Adkins, and Matt Morton, who are leaving the Board when their terms end on June 30th, have nothing to lose.  But Pam Knowles isn’t going anywhere for 2 more years.  This audit will happen when the new Board takes over July 1 and it will be about time.  We are responsible, as a Board, to show fiscal accountability and responsibility and I’m looking forward to helping restore the School Board’s credibility on this front.